vision statement

J.D.Bernal very wisely once wrote, that man has two futures, the future of desire and the future of fate but man’s reason has never taught him to separate both.
I believe that my life uptil this point which has been a blessed existence of 21 years has been nothing but my fate as I have been guided all this while. Now is the time I chart out my future of desire, a future which has clarity and a velocity which cannot be disturbed by the notions of everyday innuendo. Making a niche for oneself has become a clich├ęd thought in a time when being out of the ordinary is the call of the hour while doing the same is a quest many perish in. I have seen the tides and the madness of my time and now its my turn to rise above it all and carve a vision for myself which will fulfill me and uplift me in ways more than just human.
I am on the verge of completing my graduation in Commerce. The road ahead seems to be opening up as I prepare myself for my MBA at SDM-IMD, Mysore where I will begin my journey in professionalism. The ultimate destination is to be a part of the fascinating world of advertising. Advertising is a phenomenon which has the ability to move a million people in just a few seconds and this very power and intensity of advertising has always had me in awe. I have done an internship with JWT, Bangalore with its client servicing team to get an all important insight into the working psyche of the advertising world and found a whole plethora of opportunity. I want my MBA to provide me with the necessary skills to slip into this dream role of mine with ease as the ultimate desire is to start an advertising agency of my own. A very important element of fulfilling this dream of mine would be to first get the necessary experience which would help me to understand the business side better. If I can take the liberty of being idealistic then I would like to believe that quality in creativity and more attention towards the client would be top priority. Figuring out a whole 360 degree approach to every requirement of the client would be our endeavor. The agency would have a highly motivated group of creators dedicated to the cause of society wherein we would do pro bono work for NGOs and the government to come up with innovative media and ambient campaigns to make a difference in the little world around us. There will be a committed approach from us to link our clients with these social projects enabling a better connect with society and the corporate world. This approach to advertising I believe is 360 degree as goodwill of any corporate entity is of the topmost importance in a rapidly declining ethical scenario faced by companies today.
This vision of a an agency with a difference is very important to me as it becomes the answer to my question, ‘what can I give back to society?’. This fulfilling mission would provide the foundation for many more similar motivated projects and that would be the pinnacle of my efforts. I also would like to create a working environment where ideas transcend position and protocol and make for a bridge between the client and the agency. The agency must work in tandem with an everchanging world and mindset.
therefore my vision lies in the unity of my thought and action, if only am i able to convert these thoughts into something tangible will i be able to prove my worth to myself and rewrite my future of fate to a future of my desire.