a letter to my shareholders

To everyone who has a stake in Somanna Inc.
all of you have invested a lot of faith and patience in me and in true corporate style i can inform you that the growth in your share value has been extremely robust. the evolution of my everyday intelligence to one which i can claim as my core competency is phenomenal. its not just the MBA but also the company i keep which pushes me to pull up my socks. the competition out there is innovating as you read this but we keep our cool and keep ploughing ahead. no investor should expect quick returns or an interim dividend, the process is slow and painful but will lead to eventual growth. the economic recession has had no effect on me. none at all, so that ends there. but the intellectual recession i have suffered from all these years has been disturbing and thankfully i have finally seen through it.

to move ahead we need to follow a strategy of understanding from your side and a sense of belief in me. in my learning is your value and in my progress your profits. with an average of 4 hours of sleep every night, the brand is developing its durability and is slowly becoming impregnable.

i wish i could elaborate on the future but that will just take away from the mystery. this is not the end of me addressing you, the faith if lost,will be restored. the brand is growing and you will be taken along on this journey.

if anybody is interested, they are always free to invest in this incredible growth story. Spread the word.