The ones i have lived with:
11 cities from paradise and hell
8 schools of learning and miseducation
12 houses lived in solitude surrounded by crowds
7 states that reinforced my belief in India
500+ classmates whose diversity taught me about people and most importantly, individuals.

The ones i let myself live with:
2 short stories - Can i write no more?
70% in 10th and B.Com - Could i do it different?
2nd list of SDM IMD - It did make a difference. Didn't it?
1 book by Orhan Pamuk - Is that criminal?
30 pages too less of my first novel - Will this be the difference between 'ordinary' and 'what can be'?

The ones i live for and allow me to live:
85% in 12th - Comfort, hard work or committment?
4 Best Manager Titles - A testament to me...
1st President of Mangalore Amateur Gavel Club - An effort not gone in vain
11 players in red - The one constant in my life
200+ pens, pencils and 1 keyboard - Given my wandering mind a place to live