My 21 year long journey

From the peaks of Ladakh

To a tent in an ammunition depot in the dark

Under a shady tree on a railway track in Binnaguri

To walking with a wild elephant in Bengdubi

Driving an imaginary bus in Karu

Sitting in the fog of Mirik lake with a view so true

Staring in wonder at the world’s largest brackish lake

In Glenarys, the world’s best bakery (according to me) eating a cheese cake

Going to Nepal for the day just to shop

On 280 kilometres of straight road in Rajasthan without stop

In the centre of India between the marble rocks

To run 15 steps into China I pull up my socks

With no electricity for 5 days in the lap of heaven

To learning to ride a horse at the age of eleven

Living in a bungalow opposite the place Snooker was invented

To seeing a Havelock sunrise on a hammock that was rented

Laughing at the sight of two donkeys at the gates of Pakistan

To the orange tree which through the year had fruit on it in Bhutan

In my life I have seen all this and more

Never will die my desire to travel, find and explore