Short'er' Stories of Strange Love

He told her to wait for him, she wasn’t that dim. He wrote her many a letter, she just slept with someone better. Waiting at the station he planned his future, then he saw her with another man and in him grew a creature. He walked up to them and she feigned surprise, but he saw her disguise. He looked her in the eyes and waited for an apology but it didn’t come and his head became foggy. In disgust he boarded the nearest train, while his wife waited outside the station in vain.

In the 3 stooges, he was a stooge... She worked at the Moulin Rouge. Together they defined unusual, their glamour under stated, they lived lives that were frugal... When she walked the streets, he hid in the shadows, on stage while the crowds cheered him, she measured up her foes... Jealousy walked in and it ended in denial and refusal... Now their love was no more unusual.

Jailed for a crime he believed he did not commit, he finally got his justice... He would sit in the dark and think about her and their last kiss... He would torture himself wondering where it all went wrong... 12 years since he had met her it had been so long... Walking out of jail he remembered her sweet voice sing, looking around he waited for her while he fiddled with his ring... Then she appeared with beauty in every stride, she still looked like a newly wed bride... They held hands and walked into the sunset, promising to pay off every cent of their love’s debt.

With the gun at his head he searched for solace, while his heart raced at an ungodly pace.. He remembered all the times he imagined this day, his mind argued and fought with him to pray.. He couldn’t understand why there was this ungodly pause before his end, maybe he had to reconcile with himself before he took the next bend.. He looked up into her eyes and saw the memories and the love disappear, until he heard himself say “Just end it Dear”.

The crowds cheered the return of their hero after so long, as she ran along his horse reminding him of their song.. She had waited and always knew he would be back, in his absence the warmth and love she did lack.. As she regaled in the victory parade, she saw the love in his eyes had begun to fade.. As he reached the city square he waved his blood covered sword to the crowd, and on it was her lover’s head with all the love sucked out.